For corporations Higashikawa Official Partner System Outline of the partner system

We aim to create a social value that nurtures the future of the countryside, Japan, and the world by establishing partnerships with companies related to Higashikawa.

Higashikawa Town will actively support partner companies, including enhancing employee welfare benefits and providing rental offices.

Higashikawa Town will consult with partner companies about business collaboration and cooperation through Higashikawa Shareholder System in order to promote town planning.

Support to companies

  • Enhancing employee welfare benefits
  • Providing rental offices
  • Consultation regarding business collaboration
    (CSV and SDGs promotion, etc.)

Partner companies

Collaboration and cooperation with Higashikawa

  • Business collaboration of Higashikawa
  • Cooperation with Higashikawa Shareholder System
  • Utilization of regional resources of Taisetsu-Asahidaka source water

We provide special support to the employees of partner companies by becoming a Higashikawa shareholder through investing to Higashikawa.

  • Partner company employees

  • Higashikawa shareholder

    • Free two-night accommodation
    • Free experiential program

Benefits of being a official partner

We provide various support to Higashikawa’s official partner companies and affiliated employees.

  • Enhancing welfare benefits

    We support activities that will nurture the employees’ lifestyle.

    • 50% discount on accommodation facilities within the town
    • 50% discount on experiential programs
  • Creating a social value

    We provide support on initiative that will forge the company’s social value

    • Providing rental offices
    • Consultation on business collaboration (CSV and SDGs, etc.)

    ※1 CSV … Creating Shared Value
    ※2 SDGs … Sustainable Development Goals

Please let us discuss Higashikawa Town with partner companies in order to promote town planning.

  • About business collaboration and cooperation with Higashikawa
  • About cooperation through Higashikawa Shareholder System
  • About utilization of regional resources such as the Taisetsu-Asahidake source water