The 3 projects of Higashikawa that will nurture
the future of Japan

There is hint in this town that will create a new social value in this town

Higashikawa is a place of mystery.
The number of residents from in and out of the country has increased, and the population has increased by 18% in the last 25 years. In addition, through the “Shareholder System” which utilizes Japan’s sole public Japanese language school and hometown tax, a new wave of people will come forth which will nurture this town.

Many of the people who are living in this country value a natural lifestyle that considers Work as a part of Life. With a population of 8,000, this town has more than 60 privately owned cafes, shops and studios ー each with its own “little economy”.

The people’s lifestyle and these small economies are tied together. This town, which forms a rich mode of life that will revitalize the town, contains a hint that will create a new social value.
We are now setting up projects to nurture the future of Japan that will create a new social value. We aim to materialize major projects that will nurture the future of Japan.

By implementing this in Higashikawa, we can lead Higashikawa, Japan, and the world to the future. Create the future of the countryside, Japan, and the future together with Higashikawa.


Aside from being designated as the capital of photography culture, Higashikawa is also looking for investors through the “Town of Photography” Higashikawa Investor System to conduct projects that nurture the future of the town and Japan.

Project 1

アイコン Photography Culture Capital “Town of Photography” Maintenance Project


See photographs around the globe from rural areas to the world, meet different people and the capital of photography culture filled with smiles from every part of the world.

Project 2

アイコン The Construction Project for Japan's First Design Museum


The materialization of Japan’s first design museum nurturing diverse cultures and the people lifestyle in a furniture production area overlooking Taisetsuzan

Project 3

アイコン Japan Social Service and Human Resource Development Project


Sustaining people’s lives by developing life-nurturing childcare workers and life-supporting caregivers amidst Japan’s insufficient human resources