Project 1

アイコン Photography Culture Capital “Town of Photography” Maintenance Project

See photographs around the globe from rural areas to the world, meet different people and the capital of photography culture filled with smiles from every part of the world.


Since it was declared as the “Town of Photography” in 1985, we are striving to create a warm and lively city through photography culture, and we are aiming to create a “photography culture capital” which connects photography culture and people from all over the world. At present, Japan is promoting a bipolar approach involving depopulation and overpopulation. As a multipolar and decentralized society aiming to create a robust country, we will promote the photography culture capital by conducting projects related to the Town of Photography, such as the “Shashin Koshien”, and establish an archive for the photography culture in order to disseminate this from rural areas to the world as the capital of photography culture.

Target amount : 200 million yen 
Application period : until March 2021


  • 150,000 JPY | 半月滞在+ せんとぴゅあⅡで展示&販売の展開(複数投資可)
  • 300,000 JPY | 1ヶ月滞在+ せんとぴゅあⅡで展示&販売の展開(複数投資可)
Project 2

アイコンThe Construction Project for Japan’s First Design Museum

Project 3

アイコンJapan Social Service and Human Resource Development Project