Project 2

アイコン The Construction Project for Japan's First Design Museum

The materialization of Japan’s first design museum nurturing diverse cultures and the people lifestyle in a furniture production area overlooking Taisetsuzan


Beginning with the Asahikawa furniture, this area is known nationwide as a furniture-producing area overlooking Taisetsuzan. It houses several furniture workers and craftsmen, whose competing techniques continue to produce highly artistic furniture. We aim to build Japan’s first design museum that will globally broadcast our “Furniture Design Culture” which includes refined woodworks and craft, as well as the world-famous and highly historic and artistic “Oda Collection”.

Target amount : 1 billion yen 
Application period : March 2021

Project 1

アイコンPhotography Culture Capital “Town of Photography” Maintenance Project

Project 3

アイコンJapan Social Service and Human Resource Development Project